Emojibles - Collect / Trade / Play

What are Emojibles

What are Emojibles?

Officially licensed JoyPixels emoji icons that you can collect and trade.

Once sold out they will never be available again unless you are lucky enough to buy one from our marketplace

All Emojibles can be used in upcoming game Emoji Clash

All Emojibles are limited edition and some are rarer than others, with exclusive Epic, Legendary & Godlike Emojibles all with their own unique powers and gameplay.

Crucially, each Emojible is tokenized into what's called a non-fungible token (NFT), secured and protected on the blockchain, which means there can be no copies of the Emojibles you own.

This means Emojibles collectors will truly own unique digital items.

What is Emoji Clash?

Emoji Clash is the game where you can take your Emojibles and use them to play inside the game, scheduled for release in 2021

Take out your opponents and their defensive structures to destroy their HQ and win. Each Emojible on the battlefield is a unique, tradeable blockchain asset with its own level, stats, and history.

Quick Match (online) and Raid (offline) game modes available

Build your Emojibles army with different base Emojibles and unlock 200+ emoji evolutions by playing and trading with other players to become the best!

What is a pre-sale?

The Emojibles Pre-sale is now live and is composed of over 200 Emojibles that will only be available during the pre-sale period. After the pre-sale ends, we will stop producing these Emojibles. After that point, the only way to acquire a these Emojibles is by trading for them on the Marketplace, launching soon.

How do I get an Emojibles Pack?

We have made it super easy to purchase your pack of Emojibles. Simply register your account and go to the store.

Choose the pack(s) of your choice and follow the instructions to pay with your credit card PayPal or Coinify (for cryptocurrency payment). It's really that simple.

Unique Emojis and Skins

Some of the Emojibles that we have created are brand new Emojis unique to Emojibles. These unique Emojibles will be available each month in our promotional pack event. Grab these while they are heavily discounted. But be quick, once sold out they will never be available again.

There are also Re-skins available with Ethereum, Bitcoin and Translucent skins as part of the pack contents.

Will you be lucky enough to find a re-skin in your pack purchase? The scarcity will make them heirlooms cherished for days to come.

What are NFTs?

NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the next generation of in-game items & collectibles. These items are tokenized with a smart contract and logged on the blockchain. Allowing gamers to buy, sell and trade their in-game items or collectibles to other players ensuring an un-hackable record of ownership. This gives gamers / collectors full ownership rights and control over their assets. NFT's can be created in limited edition with rarity established and, in some cases, your Digital Collectible can become increasingly rare and “one of a kind” over time making it very valuable.

Do I have to understand blockchain can I still get involved?

Not you do not have to understand the blockchain or Ethereum network . Emojibles are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, however players only interact on the network when they want to withdraw Emojibles to a 3rd party platform.

Emoji Clash the game will run using industry standard technologies like Unity, allowing gameplay to be indistinguishable from other games that do not employ distributed ledgers.

What does true ownership mean?

Traditionally, items in games are owned outright by the companies that create them. When you buy in-game items, like a favourite skin in Fortnite, you don't own it, you can't sell it and you can't use it in other games – the game company licenses it to you.

By creating these items as NFTs this gives players real ownership over the items that they purchase. Allowing you to sell an item for real money, use it in Emoji clash or even take it into other games.

Why aren’t Emojibles initially tradable?

Emojibles have initially been locked for trading during the Pre-Sale. This lock up period helps us ensure each Emojible is well balanced before it becomes tradable on secondary markets, making it simple for players to understand that Emojibles they purchase can no longer be buffed or nerfed by us and that their scarcity is fixed.

The lock up period also ensures we never compete directly with secondary player markets, allowing for a healthy separation by minimizing the dependability players have to place with us.

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